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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tattoos !

I wanted to do a post on tattoos because i love looking at them and i really want one someday. Im pretty excited but ill have to wait another year until im "allowed". Which kinda sucks but whatever. So a lot of avenged sevenfold fans get tattoos and i think that really shows how much they love and support the band. I've read articles on how the lead singer, M. Shadows, thinks its the most awesome time when fans come up to the band with A7X tattoos on their bodies. He says it's awesome how they have avenged sevenfold ink in their skin. I would definitely get an avenged sevenfold tattoo, no question about it, and i probably will in about a year too! Here are some A7X tattoos that i found. I like some of them but then others are all about the skulls and cross bones and i cant really say im a big fan of those.. i would probably just go for the "A7X" letters put somewhere in cool writing.

Outside Article:
By Melissa
Because Matt likes the biblical story of the four horseman he decided to have a sleeve created for his left arm. He thought that the horses with their muscles would look really cool. He calls it Sleepy Hollow meets the bible. The sleeve was completed during the recording of "Avenged Sevenfold" the album.

♥Matt's first tattoo was of the logo for the band H2O. They are the first punk band he really liked. It is located on his lower leg. He got the tattoo when he was 14 years old. His parents found out about it when he was in the 8th grade. They were not happy at the time but now they don't care. His second tattoo was of a heart with flames around it and in the middle of the heart are the words "True till death". He got that tattoo when he was 15 years old.

♥Located on Matt's upper right arm is a microphone representative of his being a singer. He has a skull and crossbones with the 7 for sounding the seventh trunpet on it. His right arm also has many other various items including a small rocket ship, heart, a rose creating a full sleeve. He also has A7X tattooed on his right wrist and praying hands on his right forearm.

♥Located on Matt's chest is two nautical stars that are blue and black. He also has the cover for "Sounding the Seventh Trumpet" recreated on his chest. He has his own version of the Deathbat located on his lower abdomen. He says the Deathbat is representative of the Waking the Fallen album. The artist used a lot of magentia tones in its colors.

♥"After I got my tattoo when I was 15 years old I went crazy from then on out. I like a tattoo more than my normal skin. When I see my own skin I get discusted at it. I immediately want to cover it up with something. That's honestly why I keep getting tattoos."-M. Shadows-

Matt never wants to tattoo his face but he has plans for going up his neck someday. He also has a design in mind for a backpiece but he is not telling anyone what it is because if someone went and got it before he did he would be pissed..

Matt got the portrait of Jason Berry (J. B. Dizz) who had been Jimmy's drum tech for years in 2008. Kat Von D did it at her shop. Matt and Jason had a bet to see who could go the longest without cutting their hair. Matt broke over and cut his first so Jason won but during that time Jason had almost a complete personality change. He become crazier as Matt has said so in honor of the whole deal he got Jason's portrait on his leg. Note: Jason was Matts best man at his wedding and Jason also has a friends sleeve on his left arm which includes Matt, Val, Jimmy and Johnny just to name a few.


  1. can't say im a fan of skull and batwing tattoos, but i love the band! the A7X writing as a tattoo would look really sick though! :)

  2. sick tatoos. i would like to get one someday too

  3. I agree with Joe. Skulls are pretty creepy but lots of people do get them so its popular at least. I cant wait till you get one! Maybe ill come since you came for my first one if Heather and Robert allow you!

  4. Skull tattoos seem cool to me but i don't know if i'll ever get one, maybe in the future. I already have 2 tattoos so a skull won't matter.